The Vivaldi at Voce 'e Notte Sunset & Grill Bar
Aperitivo snacks at Franco's Bar
Martini at Hotel Marina Riviera Bar
Aperol Spritz at Voce 'e Notte Sunset & Grill Bar

The Italian Aperitivo

Slow Living

The art of 'slow living’, the idea of approaching aspects of everyday life slower and with more purpose, is distinctly apparent when you're spending time on the Amalfi Coast. The idea of slow living is not unique to this beautiful stretch of coastline as it's evident in many parts of Italy and the world, but add the picturesque landscape, the sun kissed rustic buildings, deliciously fresh food, generous sunshine, and friendly locals, the experience is uniquely special.

It’s difficult to find something that epitomises the idea of slow living quite like the tradition of Aperitivo, something considered an Italian ritual now after embedding itself deeply into the culture. Every evening many Italians will gather with friends, usually at a bar, and socialise over drinks paired with snacks.


Aperitivo originates from the Latin verb aperire which means ‘to open’, the idea being that the drink opens (or stimulates) your appetite. This is why traditionally Aperitivo is enjoyed between 7–9pm, viewed as the opener to dinner, but also worth mentioning that it isn’t restricted to the evenings as many people enjoy this occasion before lunch also. Believed to be an idea originating from the north of Italy, it has outgrown the geographical relevance as pretty much everyday you can bet people all over Italy are enjoying the occasion of Aperitivo. It's a wonderful opportunity to gather with friends and locals, unwind, people watch, and work up your appetite for dinner time.

Typically, Aperitivo drink options tend to be bitter in taste and are paired with savoury snacks, providing the perfect opportunity to try classic Italian cocktails such as The Spritz or Negroni. Popular spritz options include the Aperol Spritz or Campari Spritz which are light on alcohol, refreshing, and bubbly. Whereas Aperol tends to be on the sweet side, Campari is the right amount of bitter. If you're searching for something a little punchier, then the Negroni is a perfect classic Italian cocktail that prepares your palate for dinner.

The Aperitivo is a beautiful occasion that brings life's simple pleasures to the forefront. The idea of gathering with friends over a drink or relaxing and catching a beautiful sunset over the Amalfi Coast is a magical experience. We encourage you to live slow.

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