We felt such a beautiful place deserves a beautiful guide.

Amalfitan is a curated guide to the Amalfi Coast. We first visited this wonderful coastline in 2012 and were captivated by its beauty and charisma. Since then we’ve created countless memories and meaningful relationships, which has given us a unique lens to help others have similar experiences. Our editorial content, photography, and recommendations are written and captured by us, and we’ll continue to add more to the guide. We hope you enjoy it.

The Team

Koysor Abdul

Koysor is mainly based in London UK, however he travels back and forth to the Amalfi Coast throughout the year, keeping a fine balance between panoramic coastal views and the brisk city life.

Co-founder of Considered Studio.

Jon Muzzi

Born in Italy and raised in London UK, Jon has always seen both places as home. Most summers are spent in Italy, fully indulged in what is one of the most enchanting places on earth.

Co-founder of Considered Studio.